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$$ Weighing in on the cost of decent nutrition

Further to my last post on organics, I’ve been weighing up a few issues of my own I’ve been having in regards to putting the organics ‘pledge’ into practice. In short, yes, I believe that we have a ‘duty of care’, … Continue reading

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Organics: why the fuss? Linking health and agriculture

So sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve been thrown headfirst (a week late) into studying Nutritional Medicine at an institute of Natural Health, woohoo! Both the teachers and students are utterly inspiring and I’m finally lapping up yards of … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Yams: what is food nowadays?

Holy bejeebus, let me just start by saying I’ve just being checking out the website this is why you’re fat and, although I’ve probably indulged in similar heart attack-inducing items in the past (gulp!), lets just be clear… not ‘food’ … Continue reading

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Detoxification Part 2: a cleansing diet

In my last post, I explained The Need to Detox. “The root cause of physical, emotional and mental imbalances is the clogging of our cells, tissues, organs and pathways due to the residue left behind in the body after decades … Continue reading

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Oceans away… and eating by the seasons

Over the last few weeks I’ve been enviously eyeing off the beautiful autumnal recipes that have been all over blogs from the northern hemisphere. I’ve been seriously lusting after hearty winter pumpkins, roasted fennel and swedes, that aren’t in season … Continue reading

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