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A Reassessment: jumping on the omnivorous bandwagon and embracing saturated animal fats.

This is a post I’ve been weighing up in my mind for a while now, and I’m writing it even though I realise it seems to go against convictions and ideas about nutrition I’ve had in the past, it’s controversial, … Continue reading

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Dairy Revisited

I’ve said it before but I feel it warrants a repeat: Dairy does not healthy strong bones make!! If you’re going to drink pasteurized cow’s milk because it’s your favourite thing in the whole world, well… I don’t really take … Continue reading

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Detoxification Part 2: a cleansing diet

In my last post, I explained The Need to Detox. “The root cause of physical, emotional and mental imbalances is the clogging of our cells, tissues, organs and pathways due to the residue left behind in the body after decades … Continue reading

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The protein myth debunked

I’ve been having a difficult time knowing what to post about over the last few days, and it’s not because I’m at a loss of what to write. Actually, I’ve been at a loss of what not to write! The … Continue reading

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Ditch the (cow’s) dairy

Dairy products and milk have long been propagated as a source of goodness and essential for building strong, healthy bones and protecting against osteoporosis. At the risk of people having a cow at me…. I have to get it out there: … Continue reading

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