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A Reassessment: jumping on the omnivorous bandwagon and embracing saturated animal fats.

This is a post I’ve been weighing up in my mind for a while now, and I’m writing it even though I realise it seems to go against convictions and ideas about nutrition I’ve had in the past, it’s controversial, … Continue reading

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Organics: why the fuss? Linking health and agriculture

So sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve been thrown headfirst (a week late) into studying Nutritional Medicine at an institute of Natural Health, woohoo! Both the teachers and students are utterly inspiring and I’m finally lapping up yards of … Continue reading

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The Silence of the Yams: what is food nowadays?

Holy bejeebus, let me just start by saying I’ve just being checking out the website this is why you’re fat and, although I’ve probably indulged in similar heart attack-inducing items in the past (gulp!), lets just be clear… not ‘food’ … Continue reading

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