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I’ve moved!

Hi All, I’ve made the decision to start afresh over at Green & Juicy just didn’t feel right for me anymore because so many of my ideas about nutrition and health have evolved and changed since beginning this blog … Continue reading

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A Reassessment: jumping on the omnivorous bandwagon and embracing saturated animal fats.

This is a post I’ve been weighing up in my mind for a while now, and I’m writing it even though I realise it seems to go against convictions and ideas about nutrition I’ve had in the past, it’s controversial, … Continue reading

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$$ Weighing in on the cost of decent nutrition

Further to my last post on organics, I’ve been weighing up a few issues of my own I’ve been having in regards to putting the organics ‘pledge’ into practice. In short, yes, I believe that we have a ‘duty of care’, … Continue reading

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Organics: why the fuss? Linking health and agriculture

So sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve been thrown headfirst (a week late) into studying Nutritional Medicine at an institute of Natural Health, woohoo! Both the teachers and students are utterly inspiring and I’m finally lapping up yards of … Continue reading

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Kia Ora, how’s it going mate?

Tēnā Koutou (hello), and apologies for the hiatus! I haven’t carked it, I’ve been living it up in En Zed – that is, New Zealand!! Our cuz one coo-ey across the Tasman, home of silver ferns, jandals, the All Blacks, … Continue reading

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Kyle Vialli: What In The World Am I Meant To Eat?

Kyle Vialli is a vitality ‘agent’ and coach hailing from the UK – a philosopher, cosmologist, media and cultural scientist, humanitarian and lecturer in the human potential movement. He’s in the country at the moment, giving talks and seminars nation-wide … Continue reading

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I’m back! Time to share…

Ok, ok. So it took this… …from my favourite separated-at-birth bloggy twin Katey over at Bonne Sante to finally drag me back to the blog-world. Hurrah! I’m required to reveal 7 random facts about myself, then pass on to 7 … Continue reading

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