I’m back! Time to share…

Ok, ok. So it took this…

…from my favourite separated-at-birth bloggy twin Katey over at Bonne Sante to finally drag me back to the blog-world. Hurrah!

I’m required to reveal 7 random facts about myself, then pass on to 7 other bloggerinos.

So, 7 random things that I have not previously disclosed in the blog-world. Probably for good reason, we shall see. Here goes….

ONE. I am ridiculously uptight and annoyingly anal about many things. My co-workers didn’t coin the phrase “Meltdown Mondays” in reference to my early-week antics in the office for nothing! I have been known to be pushed to the brink of tears over the loss of my favourite hole-punch, and then finally reach melting point after finding out our intern has managed to use said hole-punch to punch documents ever-so-slightly out of line to how I like them. In my defence, I did sit down with the girl for ten minutes to explain how to use the “hole-punching guide” to “measure up” so that your documents can be pristinely aligned! Although, it has been suggested that this was what drove her to purposely “disobey” my narky instructions. What cheek!

All the above aside, when it comes to others areas of my life, the scale tips wayyyy over into the other side of the spectrum.

I am shamelessly, ridonkulously messy. (Just ask my ex-boyfriend!). I’m known to leave a trail of scattered chaos in my wake, but I’m learning to keep it to the confines of my own bedroom for the sake of my housemates’ sanity.


TWO. I have really dark hair now, but if I let it be it would look a little more like this…

(I’m on the right). In keeping with my more ‘natural’ lifestyle, I can only assume that one day soon I’ll be reverting back to my genetic roots when it comes to the colour of my mane.

THREE. I have a thing for snacking on sun-dried tomatoes – the really, really dried out chewy kind. In bed.

FOUR. Speaking of beds, this is the view from the window above said bed in my attic room (in the rain, apologies for poor photo).

And from the park just down from our front door….

FIVE. I’m proud of the fact that I’m as cool as a cucumber around all kinds of spiders, leeches and other creepy crawlies, but the thought of snakes makes my skin crawl. Blame it on the movie Anaconda, which no 8-year-old should ever witness. I even used to make my dad do a snake-check of my bed each night (not that any were ever spotted)… and I may have just inadvertently pulled my feet up away from the dark-place-under-the-bed-where-snakes-may-be-lurking while typing this.

Minutes after this photo was taken, a slithery tail was sighted and I have never run up a hill so fast in my life. A Swiss Alp to be precise! Note to self and future personal trainers: an acute phobia will force me to partake in strenuous physical exercise.

SIX. I grocery shop twice-daily. Yes, twice-daily. I love it! I pick up my lunch goodies on my way to work, and my dinner ingredients on the way home. Yes it’s probably more expensive, and yes it means I often buy conventional produce (usually from high-end grocers or smaller fruit and veg shops – I avoid mainstream supermarkets). But, I’m a fickle girl. This way when mealtimes roll around, there’s less chance I’ll change my mind about what I want to have!

SEVEN. I may have already mentioned it here, but my co-workers think I’m mental. Yes, they’ve dubbed my green juices “Shrek drinks”, and yes, they are always utterly flabbergasted at the size of my salads (“is that really ALL for you?????”). But now they’ve gone public with their disbelief via facebook.

Just call me Bugs Bunny 🙂

Now, without further ado, onto seven other lovely ladies!

Megan at Healthy Hoggin for introducing me to Natalia Rose’s books, which changed my life!! I owe you BIG time Megan!!

Anna at White Green and Me for her beautiful approach to a cleansing, healthy lifestyle

Emily at Emily Eats for her stunning healthy eats and delicious-looking food

Hannah at Wayfaring Chocolate for her undying love affair with chocolate!

Katharina at Katharina’s Food Adventures for her drool-worthy foodie posts and all-round awesome attitude

Robyn at Girl on Raw for her totally raw-some recipes, and for being a fellow Aussie raw food enthusiast, yay!

Lori at What Runs Lori for her contagious enthusiasm and general hilarity

Can’t wait to see what you all post!

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14 Responses to I’m back! Time to share…

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan says:

    Wow, I thought *I* grocery shop a lot! (2-3 times a week) It’s nearly impossible for me to be in there shorter than 30 min though – even if I need only one thing 😛
    Fun list!

  2. AnnaO says:

    Yes, my co-workers seem to have a nack for commenting on my food, but next week I´m making them cook my kind of food and eat it too!
    Thank you for the award, I´m honored! Now I just need too think…

  3. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much! I feel really honoured 🙂 Also, about the snake point? Have you seen the photo of a frog hitching a ride on a snake during the current Queensland flooding? I also love that you have an attic room. Very A Little Princess 😉

  4. a taste of health with balance says:

    my plates of salad are seriously HUGE and I always get looks like “your really going to eat all that?” Oh yes, I am sucka. And I’ll like my plate which I’m done too.

  5. Emily says:

    Thank you for tagging me ~ I’ll get on to that soon. I had to laugh at what you co-workers say about your juice though. Mine gets referred to as “gunge” as in “what’s in your gunge today?” 😉

  6. bonne_santé says:

    Knowing you grocery shop every day has made me feel a little better about my own embarrassingly frequent jaunts to the shops…! What can I say? No fresh produce is safe in my house.
    And I love the snakes & spiders thing! I’m kinda the same and think spiders get a bad rap – I try and extend my goodwill to snakes too but they really are on a different level of creep.

  7. Casey Thomas says:

    Mmmm your salad looks GOOD!
    The facebook comment cracked me up 🙂

  8. Aubrey says:

    ANd Im so glad im not the only one who eats HUGE salads. I always see this little plates on blogs and im not like that just doesn’t cut it for me. even if I am gonna have more dinner haha;) Salad is just awesome!

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