So busy! A quick recipe for the festive season


Sesame halva truffles

This is so simple I can barely legitimately call it a recipe. But I’m gonna.

Sesame halva truffles
(makes lots!)

Using a food processor, combine 500g pre-made sesame halva* (if you’re keen to make your own then that would be even better! I was lazy) with 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup.

Roll teaspoons full of halva mixture into balls (I just did this with my hands but I supposed you could use a melon baller or something along those lines) and set aside.

I used Green & Black 70% cocoa organic chocolate

Carefully melt 200g high-quality dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, making sure the water does not touch the chocolate bowl. Using a fork, gently roll halva balls one by one in the melted dark chocolate to coat. Set aside each truffle on a sheet of baking paper or wire rack, sprinkling each truffle generously with raw sesame seeds, before allowing the chocolate to set.

If you possess a little more self-control than I do, then they’d make very pretty Christmas gifts. Mine just never made it that far. Oops.

Sesame halva

*halva is a sweetened ground sesame seed mixture (tastes like honeyed tahini, so good!). Of course, you could make your own (cleaner version) by grinding raw sesame seeds and sweetening with raw honey or pure maple syrup. I added just a little more maple syrup to the already sweetened mixture so that it would hold together nicely, although it didn’t necessarily need the extra sweetness.

I’ll be back soon to do a proper post – for now, Christmas duties call. 

Happy holidays x

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4 Responses to So busy! A quick recipe for the festive season

  1. bonne_santé says:

    Yuuuuum! I only just discovered halva since moving to Sydney – sacrelidge.
    I’ll also raise a guilty hand at having devoured gifts before any actual gifting could occur. I am banned from baking/un-baking until further notice.
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Paije says:

    I have never heard of halva before but those truffles look so good! Maybe I’ll have to try making it myself! Good luck getting your Christmas stuff done!! Happy Christmas Eve 🙂

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