The Anatomics of Your Subatomics: cellular cleansing with Natalia Rose

“We can become beings of highly charged energy. All we have to do is intelligently begin removing the blocks that snuff out the conductivity of vital force in the body.”
~ Natalia Rose, The Anatomics of Your Subatomics

Sorry about the lack of posts, the silly season festivities have been eating into precious blogging time! (For lack of a post I’ve written myself!) I wanted to share a great article written by Clinical Nutritionist and cellular cleansing expert Natalia Rose for Get Fresh!.


click for link: The Anatomics of Your Subatomics by Natalia Rose for Get Fresh!


Happy holiday reading!  

Also, below are a few snippets I’ve picked out for a quick overview…

On ‘the theory of the electronic human’:

“Everything in the world gives off either a negative or positive ionic charge based on the number of electrons to protons in its atomic structure. Healthy cells and tissues are made up of negatively-charged ionic particles. This makes man’s body alkaline, and all life-generating substances in the world of form carry a negative, or alkaline, ionic charge. An ion is simply a particle that is electrically charged (either positively or negatively), meaning it has either lost or gained one or more electrons.

When an atom has more electrons orbiting its nucleus than there are protons in the nucleus, it carries a negative ionic charge; when there are more protons in the nucleus than electrons orbiting the nucleus, the atom is said to carry a positive ionic charge.

Electrons are whirring orbs charged with life force. Much like their name implies, electrons are electronic! When one electron meets up with another electron, they conduct their electronic current. This is known as electricity. …this is what the life force energy (or chi, prana, vital force, and all other terms used to describe this mysterious entity that animates life) actually is.

When our cells are clean and healthy, there are lots of electrons passing this vital electric energy from cell to cell. In fact, this is what keeps cells alive. When our cells are not clean and healthy, we will be short of electrons on a subatomic level, so imbalanced atoms will be stealing electrons from healthy atoms and nullifying the electrical potential. You might have heard the term for these imbalanced atoms; they are called ‘free radicals’.”

On alkalinity:

“Since the body thrives on alkaline substances which are made up of electron-rich atoms, these electron-devouring free radicals are the opposite of alkaline. They are acidic. They enter the body through all manner of unnatural foods, drinks and substances.

Our bodies are designed to live off alkaline-rich substances – specifically: water-containing fruits and vegetables, pure water and pure air. As long as our bodies receive this supreme nourishment, healthy alkaline cells meet and pulse their vital current through the body. The substances that assist in conducting this electric current are the only ones that the human was intended to consume.

Fruits and vegetables are highly alkaline and hydrating and were grown under the solar radiation of the sun which means that they have lots of healthy electric energy. All this, coupled with their high water content (water is an excellent conductor of electricity) makes these substances ideal nourishment. But modern man is highly addicted to dense foods and chemical substances that he continues to take in despite his body’s distressed reactions to them (which modern medicine calls “symptoms of illness” and blames on age or bad luck).”

On the ‘blocked’ internal system:

“Arnold Ehret and Norman Walker emphasized that all illness has at its root constipation (in the sense of backed-up waste). When positively charged ions enter the body in the form of food, drugs and environmental poisons (including radiation from computers and cell phones), this positively charged substance sticks like a magnet to the negatively charged alkaline substance of the intestinal tissue.

This substance that sticks in the tissue is the beginning of a snowballing of cells becoming suffocated. As the acidic substances continue to enter the organism, filling the intestines, not only will more cells suffer and die off but the lack of flow sends the body the message that this organism is becoming unfit. The destroying agents are then sent in to break down the organism like flies on a carcass.

Blockages in the intestine become blockages throughout the organism. As with all blockages, the result is a state that the body and all life recognizes as life-deteriorating so the ambassadors of decomposition – namely bacteria, yeast/fungus and viruses – take hold.”

On cellular cleansing:

“So how, specifically, do we initiate or accelerate (as the case may be for some of you) a return to optimal cellular functioning? Raw vegetable juices, proper food combining, vegetable-centric meals, and regular bowel cleansing all must be implemented with consistency for the awakening and release of old blockages to take place.”

On consuming fruits:

“In my opinion, only a clean body thrives on fruit. Most people are either too yeasted – a problem that fruit only exacerbates – or they are too impacted – in which case the fruit will be like holy water on the devil and make them bloat and gas-up, adding fermentation to the putrefactive mix.”

On youthfulness versus aging:

“The fountain of youth… Yes, it exists. But you will not find it in a garden in Peru, nor in any research lab, nor by ingesting the latest superfood. The Fountain of Youth is to be found in one of your most intriguing internal systems: the endocrine system. But only when the body is clean and rightly functioning, which is not possible in a clogged body with low electrical flow.”

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5 Responses to The Anatomics of Your Subatomics: cellular cleansing with Natalia Rose

  1. Love Natalia Rose! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. aubrey says:

    Love that! And her:)!

  3. bonne_santé says:

    So mind-boggling. She is a guru-woman!

  4. Marlena Torres says:

    This article is so great, I’m glad that you posted it! XOXO

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