Gone bush

I’d forgotten how beautiful it is at my parents’ house!  They live on the outskirts of Sydney, surrounded by national parkland, and it is so pretty.

The house I grew up in

I’m only here for three more weeks (finally found a new place to live, yay!), so today I took the liberty of getting outdoors and enjoying my new surrounds by going on a bush hike dawdle (who am I kidding?!). I had this totally whimsical idea that I’d get down and dirty and reconnect with the natural world! Weeelllll…. it wasn’t exactly the river-hopping, tree-climbing, at-one-with-nature experience I’d imagined… I kind of found myself gingerly picking (read: slipping on the moss and falling into a muddy pool shrieking and swearing) over mossy rocks, sweating profusely in the ridiculous heat and swatting irritably at flies… but once I got into the swing of things it was actually pretty enjoyable J

Bear Grylls, eat your heart out

although, Bear probably wouldn't have slipped and fallen bum-first while trying to snap a photo...

So summery!

...and I'd have a hard time imagining him hopping around and squealing after nearly stepping on this fella, although you never know...

Every time I heard a rustling in the bushes I had to convince myself it was just one of these little guys, and not something that slithers…

Also, I’ve been enjoying lots of amazing food:

Goat's feta, raw corn, tomatoes, silverbeet (chocolate needs no explanation?)

An awesome picnic dinner that I packed for my sister and I as we headed off on a ‘sister date’ to see a play in centennial park.

I had to recreate the aforementioned salad at my next meal it was so good. Yes, my salads tend to be absolutely enormous!

And below depicts another epic salad dinner I scoffed while enjoying a night home alone parked on the coach. Oh. My. Word. This may actually have been the best salad of my life (big call). 

1 giant avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, 2 heads of butter lettuce, lemon juice, stevia and dijon mustard

I think it’s going to take some adjusting to not cooking (or un-cooking as the case may be) for myself for a while… I know that my meals won’t always be ‘clean’ or perfectly combined, however I am lucky in the fact that my folks take pride in enjoying high-quality, REAL food on a daily basis. No chicken nuggets or potato gems here!

Short post (for once), I’m off to enjoy our street’s Chrissy bbq and pool party J 

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6 Responses to Gone bush

  1. Katy says:

    Loving the picture of your house! I spent 6 months living in Wollongong for study abroad and I’m ready to go back, like, NOW!!! 🙂 My BF’s sister & BIL are moving to Sydney in January and I’m mad jealous haha

  2. bonne_santé says:

    Looks glorious! Relaxing family time is where it’s at.
    Funny you mention the food at home thing – I guess most people would relish having their meals prepared, but I always feel funny about not doing it ‘my way’. Admitting i’m a control freak is the first step towards overcoming it!
    Have a beautiful time x

  3. Lori says:

    Damn. Now that is a salad! Mmmmmm!

    You’re parents’ house looks incredible! The scenery is beautiful!

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