On a personal note: allowing myself a little grace

I’ve been stumbling a little recently, both mentally and behaviourally, with food and lifestyle as well as with some emotional negativity and self-doubt.  

I’ve made so many changes; to my thinking, to my concept of true health, my physical body, my lifestyle, my values, my career. I know that I am beginning to feel out the right path, however I’m beginning to realize that this path will not always be as clear or as straightforward as I’d hoped or imagined.

By feeding my body with cleaner, more alkaline and healing foods, I’m continuously stirring up not just physical acidic matter in my body, but also some emotional toxins as well. I feel that it’s not just tangible ‘waste’ that I am just starting to let go of now by following a cleansing lifestyle. Over the last year, I’ve emerged from a bit of a dark period in my life, and this journey that I am now on is not just about physical, bodily health.

While much of this process is to do with the foods I am putting in my body, filling it with alkalinity, energy and light (as well beginning to remove the layers of dredged up waste), cleansing and healing the body at a cellular level is not just about the physically bringing the body back into balance and restoring it to it’s proper potential. I feel like I’m mentally and emotionally becoming clearer, that this murky world is starting to make a little sense (or perhaps, it’s becoming clearer that the modern world makes little sense at all).

My path is not set, it’s undulating all the time, and it should follow that my experiences and appreciations vary constantly and not always in a positive way.

I reached out to the wonderful community at Detox The World that I am so lucky to be a part of. I was feeling low, and frustrated at myself for giving in to old eating habits, not looking after my body or mind and tripping up my own physical and emotional progress. I am so thankful for all the support I received from the inspirational women involved in this community – essentially these women reminded me to not be too hard on myself, to acknowledge the progress I have made already, and to allow myself a little grace.

It is certainly easier to see the light for others, and not for yourself. I think this applies to all aspects of our lives; it is easier to tell someone else that they are beautiful, strong, encourage them down this path and see their light. It is difficult to acknowledge all those things for and in ourselves and to really believe them.

I know I’ve talked of the importance of transition before, especially when it comes to diet, however I needed to be reminded again of this myself. I know I have made progress already when I sit down and really think about where I’ve come from, behaviourally and emotionally. I know that it’s not a race, and even stumbles along the way are all part of the process.

One amazing fellow detoxer (who I hope will not mind me sharing this here) likened the path of a cleansing lifestyle to cleaning out your room:

“First, you sort of pull everything out of drawers and bookshelves and closets and make piles and sort through it. And the place looks a wreck. I have NEVER seen someone’s room get deeply, authentically cleaner, without it going through that stage of tornado-like upheaval. Picture this as where you are right now. You’re in the process of pulling out all these old patterns, thoughts, emotions, and addictions that have been stuffed into drawers and closets for most of your life. Of course things look a wreck!

But hang in there and find stillness in anyway that you can, because I promise you that continuing on the journey is the surest way to wake up one day feeling like you can breathe in the space within yourself.”

I know now that the path is not always clear, and there will be stumbles along the way. But the fact that I will come up against and get through these pitfalls and hurdles just affirms how much we cannot take physical and mental health for granted in this day and age; it does not come so easily. 

Another lovely detox-the-world-er let me in on this little secret about learning to appreciate the journey:

“If you skip over all of this, then the process will not touch all those areas of your life and you will not be able to achieve that higher level. I don’t know if that makes sense… I think one thing we all need to stop doing is comparing ourselves to others, even those in the community here. It has taken Natalia [Rose] years to get to where she is now, but look how many people she has been able to touch because of her transformation. It is not like she just woke up one day and was magically different, so now she is “qualified” to preach this way of life. She is more than qualified because she had been there. We all have our own paths, but we are able to help others the most when we can identify with them.”

In terms of being able to help and to teach others about health which is something I want to do down the track, I know the fact that my journey has never been (nor will probably ever be) smooth sailing will no doubt allow me to be a little more understanding, and be able to identify with people’s problems that crop up along the way. 

I know that there is a lot for my to work on in terms of my eating, and silencing the disordered thoughts and behaviours that still come back to haunt me every now and then, and these words of wisdom no doubt will continue to help me with this:

I just wanted to share a couple more inspiring quotes that really resonated with me. Hopefully by posting them here they may touch a few others who might need some guidance as well.

While it may not be profound (or is it?!), this one makes me giggle – for all you lovers of leafy greens:

And lastly, I love this one. It’s for all those people looking for true vitality and a clean and healthy body (and I love to imagine my body shaking ‘delightfully’ with vitality!):

Any inspiring quotes to share? 

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16 Responses to On a personal note: allowing myself a little grace

  1. singa123 says:

    thank you so much. I LOVE that post and your blog!

  2. Love the quote for dark leafy greens! I agree 100% I love my greens 🙂

    When I first went high raw and eating a very clean diet I too had a lot of emotional issues being stirred up. My ‘detox’ was very interesting path for me. I know I will always be detoxing due to the way life is nowadays but how I treat myself through clean, simple food and happy thoughts helps keep me going 🙂


  3. Hi Lori, I agree, we will always be ‘detoxing’ but I think clean, simple food and happy thoughts are the key to living a wonderful life 🙂 (oh, and of course lots of dark leafy greens!!)

  4. GirlonRaw says:

    Kate I love this post! Thank you for visiting my blog so I could stumble across it. I was only just talking to some clients today about how I first became interested in raw foods, and really, it was next step in my process of understanding about the journey and not the destination. I am not sure if it was the raw food, or the moment in my life that I became interested in it that I realised that I needed to focus more on the long term journey and not the quick fix. Really enjoyed reading this Kate!

    • I loved visiting your blog and will be dropping by often! I totally agree about health being a journey, and that every step of the way is important (even if it seems like a step backwards at times). Thanks for commenting 🙂

  5. Morgan Torres says:

    I am sending you a giant hug and a green smoothie:-)
    by the way, what’s lacinato kale?

  6. Ashleigh says:

    Love that you’re owning the entirety of your journey on your blog, girl. Keep on keeping on. You are bold and inspiring and authentic. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead. As far as favorite quotes go, here are two of mine at the moment:

    “To be alive, not just the carcass but the spark… That’s crudely put, but if we’re not supposed to dance why all this music?” – Gregory Orr


    “Deserve your dream.” – Octavio Paz

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  8. Lindsay says:

    I love love love this. Thank you. 😀

  9. Rebecca says:

    I am so touched that you would share my “quote”! I don’t think I have ever been quoted before! I can relate to so many of the things that you are going through and that is why I know it is so helpful for others. It helps me so much when someone is able to see the light for me and even more so when they can relate. I love all of the quotes that you shared and I appreciate your bravery to speak your mind so openly. 🙂

  10. Catherine says:

    I love this post. I have it saved on my favourites and whenever I feel a little bit lost, I read it and I remember ‘progress, not perfection’!
    Thank you for you and your beautiful words

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