Some golden info from cleansing guru Gil Jacobs

I just wanted to do a quick post to share a fantastic video from the Beam Green website. (and thank you to the lovely detoxer – hopefully you see this! – who put me onto this particular video)

The Beam Green Social Club revolves around the idea of bringing strong, healthy and vibrant children into the world and focuses on principles of organic nutrition, clean living, and a lifestyle of detoxification across physical, emotional and spiritual platforms.   

This video features Gil Jacobs, colon therapist extraordinaire and detox guru, who is an absolute wealth of information on all things to do with health, nutrition, internal cleansing – the whole shebang. I accidentally stayed up till the wee hours of the morning watching this (which I’m going to regret come work in just a few short hours!). I definitely recommend giving it some attention.

Click here for the link to watch online, 
or visit the Beam Green website index and select 
‘6/24/09 Part 1 Gil Jacobs!’ 
to download for yourself

As a quick summary, here are some little nuggets of golden information that Gil shares: 

On avoiding over-cleansing in a toxic body:

“In a body that’s in the 21st century, all of us have toxicity in the system. What that means is, we cannot go forever and ever on just juice, fruits and lettuce. We might go a month, we might go two months. But if no food of a heavy nature is ever put in, the old food in the body will overwhelm the cells and, unless you’re getting a colonic every day, you can get really ill. So, one of the really fun tricks in this lifestyle is picking the foods that give a little bit of toxicity so that we can live, kick back and feel good, and not over-cleanse. If we sprint, we’re going to get lactic acid pain eventually. If we jog and walk, we can go forever.”

On a healing, cleansing diet full of ‘simple’ foods:

“What heals the body is juices, fruits and salads, as mundane as that may appear. The raw foods community puts way to much emphasis on ‘creativity’, cooking classes, etc. These dense foods do not heal the body, they do not cleanse the body. The fruits, the vegetables, the juices are the stars of the show.”

On a detox/cleansing diet simply being a diet that is step above what you were consuming previously:

“All we need to do to improve someone’s health is raise the vibration [energy] of the diet. The key to cleansing is improvement. Don’t be so tough on yourself. Look at what your dietetic experience has been. Progress, not perfection, is very, very important.”

On the importance of colonics and the removal of toxic waste:

“Colonics without the diet are a waste of time. Because you’re not ‘awakening’. Once you ‘awaken’ a demon, if you don’t get it out, you are more in trouble that the people we lovingly and non-judgementally call ‘cesspools’! Because they’re at least just sitting with inert crap – it’s just going to sit in them for 50 years before it kills them. If you awaken demons with a raw foods [or cleansing] diet, if they don’t leave you can get very sick. That’s where the colonic gain comes in.”

On vitamin B12 and supplements:

“Vitamin B12 is made in our intestinal tract, it’s in there already. However, because of years of wrong eating, it’s impacted into the body, so it’s blocked by the thick coat of mucus. It’s locked into the intestines. The B12 cannot get into the blood. Because people are eating meat and cheese and eggs, the B12 is being given by the food. The minute you stop eating animal proteins and become vegan (especially as a woman because you are menstruating), there is a year or so where you don’t have to worry because the reserve of B12 is still in your blood because of your [former] diet. However, the point comes if you don’t cleanse enough, if that strip of thick waste doesn’t get removed enough to let B12 into your blood, and you stop all B12 sources in your diet, hypothetically you may experience B12 deficiency. [this is one of the 2 supplements Gil recommends]. Don’t get elitist in your thinking – meaning, I hate supplements, all supplements are no good. 99% of the time this is true, but in this case it is not. The other supplement that is necessary is vitamin D. Doctor’s have just come out with a study (and again, this is where you can’t get elitist with your thinking) that, because of the pollution levels and the way urban America is set up with high rise buildings and people not getting outdoors, that people living in big cities – no one’s got vitamin D, everyone’s deficient. That’s not going to change with a very clean body, that’s the environment screwing us up. Those are the two areas where supplements count.”

On vitality and obstructions in the body (toxic waste):
(note, here he refers to Arnold Ehret’s book, A Mucusless Diet Healing System, which is a really excellent read)

V = P – O

“Vitality (energy/chi/oomph!) = Pressure (blood flow) minus Obstruction (impacted waste in the body)

The removal of Obstructions allows the blood flow to remain high, and if the blood flow remains high we can have vitality.”

On emphasising the removal of waste, not what we put into the body (ie what we take away from our diet that is harming us, rather than searching for those superfoods or supplements to add to the diet):

“The emphasis is not on the specificity of the food that is put in. The emphasis is on the removal of the matter that is locked in the tissues and it’s on the knowing how to not replant that matter, ie what can we put in that won’t create that heaviness [food that won’t leave acidic waste residue in the body].”

I’ll be watching his second Beam Green talk tomorrow night, but now I’m off to make the most of the scant few hours I have left to sleep before heading off to work! 

Enjoy! 🙂

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3 Responses to Some golden info from cleansing guru Gil Jacobs

  1. Marlena Torres says:

    V-P = O. F-ing love Arnold Ehret and I love that you’re writing about all of this stuff on your blog! The Mucusless Diet Healing System changed my life. What an amazing book!

  2. Marlena Torres says:

    LOL I meant V=P-O

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