Spotlight on Raw Foods: living energy for living bodies

Raw food diets have generated a fair amount of hype, especially over the last decade or so. But what exactly is the deal with raw foods and what can they bring to our diet?

What's so great about raw?

Raw foods contain live enzymes:

Our bodies need live enzymes to digest food and utilize nutrients. We actually need enzymes for every biochemical reaction that takes place in the body. However, enzymes are delicate proteins that are destroyed at temperatures higher than 47 degrees celcius, ie when food is cooked.

As raw food contains their own living enzymes, these enzymes aid the digestive process (enzymes are required for all digestion however if they are not supplied by the food itself they must be supplied by the body, depriving the body of energy that could be better used for eliminating waste and restoring health). Proper digestion and assimilation is crucial so that waste matter can effectively leave the body, rather than stay in the body and accumulate as toxic waste

Raw foods have a high vibration energy:

“Matter is 99 percent space. Emerging from that space is vibrating energy. Everything that exists, be it natural or synthetic, has a vibration, an electromagnetic charge, and a resulting field.” ~ Natalia Rose, Raw Foods Life Force Energy

Healthy human cells operate optimally at a high vibration frequency of around 60 to 80 megahertz, therefore it makes sense that we should ideally consume those foods that naturally have a vibration energy (or ‘life force’) closest to that of our own cells. The highest-vibration life force energy foods are raw fruits and vegetables, especially those full of the sun’s natural energy such as chlorophyll-rich leafy greens. Fresh raw fruits (organic and when picked ripe) vibrate at a frequency of around 80 MHz as determined by the Tainio Technology Frequency Monitoring Device (currently the most accurate tool for measuring food frequencies), and raw green vegetables (organic) at around 65-72 MHz. White flour on the other hand has a vibration energy of around 1-2 MHz! As a general rule, the futher a food is from its natural, live state, the less its vibration energy levels.

The vibration energy of an apple as shown by Kirilian photography

This energy can also be visualized with the use of Kirilian photography. The image below shows two Kirilian photographs – on the left is a photograph depicting a hamburger at ~5 MHz, and on the right a lentil sprout at ~150 MHz.

The vibration or life force energy of a hamburger vs. that of a lentil sprout

When cooked, the food’s vibration energy or ‘life force’ is greatly depleted or destroyed. The bioelectrical (energy) field is altered and the live and bioactive raw food becomes largely inert.   

Raw foods are mostly all alkaline:

As we know, it is crucial to supply our body with alkaline foods so that we can maintain our optimum alkaline pH and create an internal environment in the body that promotes health, not disease (see this post for more).  Fresh raw plant foods (ie fruits, vegetables and their juices) are the most alkalizing foods available to us.

See, alkaline raw foods have a negative polar charge, while the acidic waste matter has a positive one (and not positive in the sense that it’s beneficial!). At a subatomic level in all matter, the proton is the positive charge particle and the electron is the negative-charge particle. Positive and negative charges naturally attract each other, therefore the negatively charged raw alkaline foods an actually have a magnetizing effect on the acidic waste in the body, over time drawing it up and into the eliminative channels for removal from the body.

How the body responds to cooked food:

In 1930, research was documented at the Institute of Clinical Chemistry in Lausanne, Switzerland by Dr. Paul Kouchakoff that demonstrated the body’s response to both raw and cooked food. The major discovery concerned the fact that after a person eats cooked food, the body’s responds to this with a rise in the number of leukocytes (white blood cells) in the bloodstream – a reaction that is only found when the body is reacting to something harmful. This is a pretty well-known phenomenon called digestive leukocytosis, and was considered a ‘normal’ physiological response. Before this study, no one knew the reason behind why the body would issue a ‘stress response’ to cooked food in the body – as if the body was reacting to something harmful. This study showed that raw plant foods do not cause this response in the body. The body reacts perfectly to raw plant foods. On the other side of the spectrum, the worst food offenders were refined and processed substances, such as white flour or white rice, homogenized and pasteurized milk products, chemically preserved foods and artificial additives.
Note: these findings emphasize the importance of eating more raw foods, not all raw (explained below).

Too much raw?:

An entirely raw diet would be of course be difficult to maintain, but more importantly it would be just too cleansing for most people. As we already know, we are full of old sludgy acidic waste matter and our bodies are toxic as a result of living in an imperfect world where we’re subjected to toxins constantly in food, water and air.

As discussed above, raw foods are powerfully alkaline cleansers, and literally draw up old acid waste in the body with their negative charge. If the putrefactive matter (which can be incredibly old and toxic) that is drawn up by raw foods is not properly eliminated by the body, then these toxins will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and you can actually be left in a worse-off situation that if you had left that waste matter undisturbed. This is why often people experience “detox symptoms” like severe headaches etc. It is vital to support the body in keeping up with eliminating the waste matter that is being stirred up, so that we can avoid this (see my post on taking out the trash). So that we do not cleanse the body too quickly, it is absolutely necessary to include cooked foods in our diets. In a perfect world, we might have been able to exist on raw plant foods alone, however I do not believe that is generally the case today, due to both social pressures and the unavoidably toxic nature of the world we live in.

A raw foods lifestyle:

Some raw foodists believe that all cooked food is toxic to the body, however I do not believe this at all. I believe that the food does lose some of its nutritional value and life force energy during the cooking process. However to say that all raw food is “good” and all cooked food is “bad” is narrow-minded. To shun steamed vegetables while ingesting copious amounts of hard-to-digest nuts and seeds is surely not an ideal nor logical way to support and cleanse the body.

The original intention of the raw food movement was to bring high-water-content plant food back into the diet because it contained Life Force Energy and enzymes that the standard diet lacked. Raw food’s origin was rooted in recognizing the value of simple food and its potential to cleanse cells. There was never a rule that one must eat “100 percent raw” to be accepted into the ‘raw club’.

Today, raw has taken a gross misstep away from those original, pure tenets by focusing on dense food that is difficult to digest like nuts, seeds, and raw grains in even harder to digest combinations. Unfortunately, this generation of raw has become another fad approach to eating that misses the mark. Raw juices, fresh fruits and vegetables are the true healers, but there is still plenty of room for high-quality, well-combined food in your detox diet!

Cooked foods and non-vegan foods are not the enemy; just as all raw or vegan foods are not fit for cleansing. It’s not as black-and-white as raw vs. cooked, or vegan vs. meat eater. Intelligent cleansing is much more of a tapestry of what is good for our physiology, while also balanced for our emotions and yet also convenient for our lifestyle. Yes, raw fruits and vegetables are the purest food for man, but knowing what we know about women today, we know that a woman fed exclusively on raw fruits and vegetables would bloat up and awaken waste that she could not pass fully on her own, and possibly arouse symptoms that would make her terribly uncomfortable. Our bodies are more compromised and we have more addictions and social pressures around food. All of this must be tempered with what we know about cleansing for it to be of real, lasting effect. Including fish and goat cheese may not be pure foods but that’s okay. We need less-than-pure foods to intelligently cleanse in today’s world and in today’s body.” ~ Natalia Rose, Detox For Women

In regards to defending the body against digestive leukocytosis, you actually only need to consume raw foods as just over half of your daily intake (you do not get the same result when you try to balance out a ‘fully cooked’ day with a day of raw foods). This allows your body to recognize enough of the food you eat to digest it, rather than attack it. This makes it very easy to work the benefits of raw foods into any diet.

As much as possible, it’s important to consume raw foods before and with any cooked meal. The enzymes from the raw foods will both aid in the digestive process as well as contributing to the overall alkalinity of the meal in the stomach. A salad before/with dinner is a great way to do adhere to this.

Hugeass salads are a must!

Following a cleansing diet and lifestyle is not about being dogmatic or adhering to strict rules about only consuming raw, alkaline and life force energy giving foods. On both a physical and mental level, this would actually be a misguided and quite possibly harmful approach. There are ways to eat those less offensive acidic foods that are not entirely ‘pure’ or ‘clean’ or indeed full of life force energy, and consume them in conjunction with a high-raw diet keeps us cleansing gradually so that we can enjoy the detox process, not to mention keeps us sane!! 

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  1. bonne_santé says:

    You are my hero.
    Awesome approach.
    I’ve seen the David Wolfe tour deets and I am lusting after the conference package deal…but perhaps the single lecture would be more realistic? Are you going to go?!

  2. Yes! Can’t afford the conference either…I wish!

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