Detoxification Part 3: taking out the trash

If you haven’t already, catch up on Detoxification Part 1: the need to detox, and Detoxification Part 2: a cleansing diet.

time to take out the trash...

The first and foremost strategy in any detox program is to flush acid residues out of the lymphatic system, blood, and other bodily fluids, all of which should be slightly alkaline. Almost all toxins in the body take the forms of acids, and these acids must therefore be neutralized and flushed out of the system to restore normal alkaline balance to the blood and other bodily fluids. ~ Daniel Reid, The Tao of Detox

What’s the point in going to all this trouble to alkalise and hydrate that built-up waste matter in the body if you’re just going to let it sit there and leach all those toxins back into the bloodstream? No matter how perfect your diet may be, regardless of how well you cleanse your blood and tissues, the sludge in your bowels will continue to seep toxins back into the body promoting a disease-prone environment unless it is removed.

In other words… It’s not a cleanse unless you are ridding the body of waste.

The elimination of undigested food and other waste products is equally important as the proper digestion and assimilation of food. The very best diets can be no better than the very worst if the sewage system of the colon is clogged with a collection of waste and corruption. ~ Dr Norman Walker, Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life

There are four main eliminative systems in the body: the skin, the kidneys and bladder, the lungs, and the colon.

The first three systems are important, and can be supported in various ways. Dry skin brushing, soaking and sweating can all improve elimination through the skin. Deep breathing is an underestimated way to vastly help improve elimination through the lungs. And you can help your kidneys and bladder excrete toxins in the form of urine by drinking plenty of water and herbal tea.

However, it is the colon that holds most of the toxic waste build up in the body (see the video in Part 1 if you’d like a visual!) and is relied upon to excrete most of the matter that needs to leave the body. Of all the excretory organs, the colon is also the most abused and overloaded these days.

The famous American naturopath, Dr Harvey Kellogg, noted, “of the 22,000 operations that I have personally performed, I have never found a normal colon”.

So, without further ado, let’s get down and dirty and talk about poop – a highly under-discussed topic in my opinion!

Believe it or not, the average Western male today carries about 5-6kg of dense, rubbery, mucoid material – a thick toxic sludge – imbedded in his bowels, and none of it is ordinary feces. ~ Daniel Reid, The Tao of Detox

Yep that’s right. Almost everyone in the world is chronically, indescribably constipated.

As we now know, the health of our bodies has become vastly compromised by the modern Western lifestyle.  It should come as no surprise that the ability of our eliminative organs to keep up with this toxic way of living and eating has also been extensively damaged.  The body was designed to cope with normal amounts of toxins and natural wastes, not the amounts to which we subject it to today. Think about the fact that our internal environment operates at oven-like temperatures of around 37°C (or 98.6°F); whatever waste matter sits around too long will literally be ‘baked’ into your intestinal walls. Even if you think you’re ‘pooping like a champion’, you’re probably getting out even near the amounts you’ve put in over the years, and you certainly won’t be evacuating the hardened, rubbery matter that coats the average person’s colon walls. In an ideal world, you’d actually be having a substantial bowel movement for every meal and every snack that you consume. Still think you’ve got it down pat?

Once your intestinal balance is compromised, the bowel hasn’t a hope of keeping up with your food intake and starts to buckle under the stress. The impaction in the bowel not only causes fermentation throughout the intestinal tract, creating a number of symptoms which fall under the umbrella diagnosis of “IBS,” but it also prevents proper absorption of nutrients and precludes the body from producing the nutrients it naturally would to keep itself balanced. ~ Natalia Rose

So, it is vitally important to lend your bowel a helping hand to effectively remove the built-up sludgy matter that poisons up from the inside. A cleansing diet can work wonders, however many people find that the missing link in properly detoxing the body (that is, both awakening the build-up toxic matter and successfully releasing it) is properly administered bowel cleansing: ie colon hydrotherapy.

It is impossible to describe in words the sheer volume and incredibly foul appearance of the putrid, mucoid wastes that come tumbling out of the body with a series of colonic irrigations, after festering in the bowels for years and years. ~ Daniel Reid, The Tao of Detox

Don’t be deterred!! At first, the idea of bowel cleansing had me wrinkling my nose and squirming in my seat. Now however, I’ve discovered it’s an absolute walk in the park! After experiencing the feeling of lightness, energy and clarity of the mind that follow after a properly administered colonic, I guarantee you’ll never turn back!

This is important: I’m not talking about pressurized hydrotherapy colonics, and I don’t endorse this method. When I refer to a ‘properly administered colonic’, I’m talking about the Woods Gravity Method, whereby only a small amount of water at a time gently enters the bowels, stimulating peristalsis and strengthening the intestinal muscles, giving a natural (but dramatically effective!) release. If you do not have access to gravity colon hydrotherapy sessions, a gravity bag enema (don’t look shocked!) can also be effective and can be practiced by anyone in the comfort of their own home.  For more info, I recommend clicking here and/or here for colon hydrotherapy FAQ’s, and here to learn how to easily perform an enema at home.

As far as I know, my colon hydrotherapist at Release Wellness Centre in Sydney, is the only practitioner of this method in the country. Hopefully this will not be the case for long as awareness grows about the need to properly cleanse the colon! For recommended practitioners in the USA, Canada, UK and South Africa, see here.

If you really still are deterred by the thought of colon hydrotherapy, or don’t have access to even an enema, I would recommend that you take the cleanse process very slowly. As raw fruits and vegetables are the most cleansing of foods and will alkalize, hydrate and stir up the most built-up waste matter for removal, I wouldn’t be diving into a raw foods diet headfirst without the support of at least one of these tools. Raw fruits and vegetables coupled with plenty of cooked vegetables and high quality products such as the ones discussed here, will make for a more gentle, long-term cleanse and detoxification process, where your body’s natural channels of elimination will be more likely to have a chance at keeping up.

A clean, healthy body brimming with vitality and free of the blockages and toxins from a poor diet and modern lifestyle will help facilitate a wonderfully rich and satisfying life. Enjoy, and fall in love with the detox journey!

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9 Responses to Detoxification Part 3: taking out the trash

  1. bonne_santé says:

    GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT! Mucoid plaque – gross out. I really need to look into this – was actually going to ask if you had any experience with colon hydrotherapy, but looks like you’ve laid it out for me! Convinced. I’ll ask my family to send me for an x-mas bowel cleanse ha! Hope the pipe fits in my stocking!
    Another great post, loving the links.

  2. bonne_santé says:

    Nope, an open dialogue on bowel movements and everything in between is what we need more of! I’m certainly not squeamish, and I think most people who are embarking on a detox and those in the raw food community recognise that colon health is to be taken seriously.
    Thanks for taking one for the team!

  3. jjaci says:

    I’m not squeamish or grossed out or anything, more than anything I am just concerned about how much…substance could be a part of me right now. That’s the disturbing part. Especially considering (massive TMI) I have been chronically constipated since I was born.

    So, it could be a lot worse than anticipated.

    It’d take a long time to cleanse for me, I think!

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