Detoxification Part 1: the need to detox

When most people use the word detox, they refer to drastic dietary and lifestyle changes with the idea that they will be a quick-fix solution to their health problems. Very rarely does any such ‘detox’ result in long-term results, improved health or increased vitality. These band-aid ‘solutions’ in fact do very little, and even sometimes serve to exacerbate the underlying problem.

Just to be absolutely clear, when I use the words cleanse or detox, I’m not referring to any gimmicky fad diet, strict fasting regime or rash New Year’s resolution! I’m referring to the gradual process of eliminating the build up of toxic waste that has accumulated over a lifetime of poor eating habits and living in an acidic modern world.

Firstly, we need to understand what toxification is and how it relates to our overall wellbeing. Few people understand that our bodies were just not designed to deal with the overwhelming toxic load of processed foods, synthesized ingredients, pesticides, household chemicals, air and water pollution that we are surrounded by today. Most people living in westernized society also suffer from the results of sedentary lifestyles, lack of sunshine and a lack of fresh, clean air. All these factors greatly contribute to the problem of acidosis, or an acidic environment, in the body (see my post on the acid/alkaline balance here).

“Life is toxic by nature, so there is no way to avoid it. Our bodies have built-in self-cleansing mechanisms designed to deal with natural sources of tissue toxicity, such as cellular waste from metabolism and carbon dioxide from breathing. However, our bodies are not designed to deal with all the far more toxic wastes assimilated from pesticides and chemical additives in food, pollutants in air and water, poisonous pharmaceutical drugs, and other unnatural sources of tissue toxicity.” ~ Daniel Reid, The Tao of Detox

You might be thinking that you can deal with a little toxicity, that you’re not as of yet feeling the results of an unhealthy diet, processed foods and unnatural substances. You might think that you’re feeling ok now. BUT you’d be underestimating the accumulation of toxic waste matter over years of poor diet and a modern lifestyle, which can affect each various part of our body and determine our overall health.

“When a poison is introduced into the organism on a regular basis, to a degree beyond the body’s capacity to expel it, the body adapts to this invader by insulating itself from it. This is done at the expense of normal body functioning. For example, if you smoke, your body will prevent absorption of the toxic fumes by hardening the lung membranes to avoid intoxicating the body behind a certain level of toleration.” ~ Frederic Patenaude, Raw Secrets (link to FP website)

Natalia Rose, author of The Raw Foods Detox Diet and Detox 4 Women, wrote a great post on The Journey of Accumulation that is definitely worth a read (as is all of her work!).

People underestimate the sheer amount of toxic waste that is built up since childhood. If you’re up for finding more about sheer amount of built up mucoid plaque waste matter found in the colons of people following mainstream modern eating patterns, and how it can be improved by transitioning to a largely plant-based whole-foods diet, definitely check out the video below (warning: do not watch while eating!!).

Most people are familiar with the germ theory of disease that states germs are the cause of disease, put forward by Louis Pasteur. However, many people do not realize that Pasteur on his deathbed actually revoked this statement, instead declaring that the germ is nothing, the inner terrain is everything, in reference to the acid conditions in the body caused by the build up of toxic waste matter, that serve as the breeding ground for disease.

Basically, what we need to know is this one simple fact… the root cause of all disease is acidic, toxic waste build-up in the body, which is mostly a result of the foods we ingest.

“The countless names attached to illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause… too much tissue acid waste in the body” ~ Dr Theodor Baroody, Alkalize or Die

“Germs are not the root cause of any disease: the root cause of all disease is tissue toxicity, which creates the conditions that allow germs to breed inside your body. Tissue toxicity, or “toxemia”, produces two basic conditions which open the door germs: “acidosis”, which means excess acid waste; and “hypoxia”, which means insufficient oxygen.” ~ Daniel Reid, The Tao of Detox

So, with all this information in mind, it’s important to recognize that we live and die at a cellular level. Therefore detoxification must take place at a cellular level, ie by the process of cellular cleansing. I’m not a fan of hugely drastic lifestyle changes or diving into an overly cleansing diet headfirst (which sometimes can actually hinder process rather than support it). So, while the words cellular cleansing may sound extreme and off-putting, the detoxification and cleansing process when done gradually and in the right way can actually be the most wonderfully enjoyable and satisfying experience, with profound results.  A healthy and alkaline body, largely free of toxins and functioning at its best will promote the best, most enjoyable life overall!

Stay tuned for Detoxification Part 2, which will go over how to start the detox process and rid your body of that toxic waste!

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13 Responses to Detoxification Part 1: the need to detox

  1. bonne_santé says:

    That quote about our bodies becoming ‘acclimatised’ to toxins in a way, was something I found really interesting, especially when he talks about the fact that when we become more ‘pure’ we are HYPER-sensitive to things we never used to be.
    I can vouch for this; eating bread is now equivalent to some boy scouts tearing out my intestines, practicing their knots, and stuffing them back in. Waaa!
    Sign me up for cellular cleansing.
    Oh, and for part two. Teach me wise one.

    • You won’t need part two Katey, you’ve already been there, got the tee-shirt and are ploughing on ahead in raw food leaps and bounds!
      I totally agree, now when I eat mainstream cakes or bread, I feel my insides churning up like nothing else and my tummy swells up like I’ve swallowed a basketball. Not good!

  2. Great post, lady! 😀 Being a fellow detox-the-world-er, of course I couldn’t agree more that detoxing needs to be a gradual process! It’s crazy to me that there are so many “cleanses” out there that last 3-4 weeks, and claim to detox your body! First of all, it stinks to drastically change your diet for a month. It’s not fun to be so restrictive! Secondly, it’s not going to do any good if you just go back to eating how you used to when the cleanse is over! Natalia Rose’s method is definitely the way to go– and it’s way more manageable and enjoyable!

    Also, I’ve totally noticed that I’m more hyper-sensitive to things as my body has gotten purer. Eating processed products or heavy, restaurant fare leaves me very uncomfortable now! It’s a good reminder of how far I’ve come!

  3. Kate, This is such an excellent post, and was SUCH a refreshing read! I love the quotes from The Tao of Detox. It can be hard trying to explain to detox-curious friends the whole notion of illness originating in toxic tissues that breed bacteria as opposed to germs coming in and causing havoc, but the more we discuss and write about these issues, the more mainstream these ideas will be!
    Sending you much love and support, girl! Keep it up! XO

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