I truly believe that the widespread approach to food, nutrition and ‘dieting’ in this day and age is grossly skewed and in direct opposition to the way were designed to live in nature. Calorie-counting mindsets, fad diets, chemically-altered synthetic foods, and a constant onslaught of artificial toxins are just some of the indicators of drastically unnatural ideas about nutrition and health. Tragically, disordered eating, anxiety and misconceptions about food and the body are rife in today’s society, where so many people fall prey to the miserable world of ‘dieting’ and negative body image, all the while sacrificing true physical and mental health and wellbeing. 


I have started this blog in an attempt to pool together some of what I have learnt so far, and as a way to document all that I will learn in the future about nutrition, holistic health and wellness in regards to body, mind and spirit. I am in no way an expert in the field of health and nutrition, I am a student hungry for knowledge and keen to learn all that I can to be able to correctly decipher what makes sense according to science and nature and filter out what is part of the vast minefield of absolute garbage ‘information’ circulating about health and nutrition today.


So, bear with me on my journey to happiness and health… Cheers! 😉


Green and Juicy!


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One Response to Hi!

  1. jacqui says:

    I like your style green & juicy!

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